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Do you feel you’re constantly in travel mode? Do want to be well-informed about the latest trends in science and technology? If you answer yes to either of those questions (or better yet, both), Escaping Justice can be your new destination. You can find travel tips, family tour recommendations, the road-not-taken destinations, and learn about the science behind IoT travel technologies. With the help of this blog, you can undertake safer solo trips, learn to create vlogs that generate passive income, plan your journey with AI-driven forecasting software, and so much more!


Let your adventure begin in the right direction with the best travel technology help and tips. Keep exploring!

Let's Talk Travel

Travel is, without a doubt, the best recreational activity you can do. We are, after all, naturally nomadic and we thrive from new experiences and challenges. If you are planning a trip or simply dreaming about your summer vacation, you can explore this section to source travel tips regarding destinations and safety cautions to take. You can also learn about different kinds of travel. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel virgin or a travel addict, you still have places to explore, cultures to experience, and meet new people on your way. No matter what you’re traveling for, Travel Episodes have articles that can guide you with enough information and inspire you to travel more. 

Into the Tech World

Life has changed with the introduction of innovative technologies. Ease of connectivity, safety improvements, and the use of gadgets have transformed the way people live. You can work while you travel, do marketing online, and even earn remotely with the help of the internet. Read articles about different technological developments, how to find the best tech products for daily tasks, or some of the best gadgets for home and business use. You will be surprised to learn how wonderfully technology has revolutionized user experience. If technology excites you, this section is for you!

The Sciences

Are you a science geek looking to keep yourself updated with the new trends? Besides the internet revolution, the scientific world has progressed much more since the 21st century. The Sciences is the section where you can read all the latest news about developments in the science world.  You can read all about AI-driven applications, and how it has made customer services much more pleasant and less time-consuming. AI can forecast your flight delays, work with smart baggage handling, personalize travel plans and the use of cloud passports can avoid passport and identity theft significantly. Medical technology is also growing, especially in gene editing and synthetic biology. Check out the other latest trends here…

It's Me - Ross Edwards

I quit my corporate high-paying job to travel the world and spend my precious time building my freelancing career as a blogger. It all started when I came home from my backpacking solo trip last summer. After spending two weeks in the Balearic Islands, I wasn’t ready to return to my desk, working all day to make ends meet. I considered freelancing or working part-time to travel more and find time blogging about things I care about. Fortunately, remote work options worked out well for me! Of course, it did take some planning, saving enough money, getting my documents together, and gathering gadgets for content creation. Now I travel all the time, work when I can, and blog about science and tech.


About the Blog

Travel therapy is real. New sights, sounds, and experiences can rejuvenate your soul. If you are someone looking to travel to new places or experimenting with culture or medical travel, or anything concerning travel and vacation, you need to do enough research online. I write about everything from organizing, planning, and educational articles about travel, technology and the new developments in the scientific world. This blog is all about connecting travelers to their destinations with proper technological means, ensuring safety and entertainment as well. Check out the different sections related to travel, tech, and science to find informative articles.


Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to get in touch and I can guide you to the best of my ability.