Hello there! Welcome to my humble travel and tech blog where I post regular content (or certainly do my best – haha!). I am a digital content creator, working my way through the best of what the travel tech world has to offer. Apart from obsessing over new science, I am also an avid reader, mostly science magazines. Besides reading, I’m a passionate traveler, looking to experience what life has to offer. Ever since I left my corporate life and started freelancing work, I have been traveling a lot more. So I decided to start documenting little bits of information I’ve picked up along the way, plus write about what I already know – Science and Tech.

Everything About Me

So, what is this blog about? Well, Escaping Justice is born out of my love of travel and technology. I recently quit my corporate HR work to become a digital creator. Some of my tours brought to my attention that a whole lot of travelers, even today, do not make use of technology to improve their travel. Think about it, when you can easily reserve your flight tickets online, book accommodation, and plan itineraries, why do people still rely on travel agencies and other offline means? Isn’t that more time-consuming and expensive? 

My blog can guide any beginner traveler on how well they can utilize travel tech, create money out of their tours, and even indulge non-travelers in how they can benefit from being tech-savvy. My love for science and tech gadgets also finds space in my blog. Learn about the latest developments in AI, home tech, genetics, and much more. Feel free to browse around my blog and find the article you are looking for!


Do you have any questions regarding travel plans? Feel free to get in touch with me, I can guide you to the best of my abilities.